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American Pasteurization Company

American Pasteurization Company (APC) is the first company in the United States to offer High Pressure Processing (HPP)  on a commercial tolling basis to the food manufacturing industry. HPP kills bacteria that can cause spoilage and food-borne illness, and greatly extends shelf life.  Applying HPP to foods and beverages - rather than heat pasteurization - results in products with a fresher taste and better appearance, texture and nutrition. HPP pasteurizes foods and beverages by uniformly applying extreme hydrostatic pressure around and throughout a food product, deactivating the cellular activities of foodborne pathogens and other spoilage organisms.

APC Plant
APC offers HPP service on a "pay as you go" basis, alongside product testing and development, post-application packaging, and the ability to arrange storage and distribution services for food manufacturers to insure the quality, safety, and value of food and beverage products. HPP is a natural pasteurization method, resulting in products which often require no chemical preservatives.

APC’s core competency is guiding companies through the HPP process from beginning to end. We do not manufacture any food or beverage product or sell HPP equipment – keeping our sole focus on serving customers that utilize HPP to enhance their products. From the idea phase, through product development and testing, to commercialization, APC’s more than 10 years of experience allow for a made to order and adaptable approach to every product’s unique HPP needs. APC works with customers to create a customized framework for food safety and brand equity protection.


In 2012, APC partnered with the National Food Lab (NFL), a food and beverage consulting and testing firm based in Livermore, Calif., to better support customers with a full suite of HPP services. APC purchased a 2-liter HPP test unit, installed at the NFL, giving customers access to the most accurate and comprehensive HPP testing available. This collaboration provides companies of any size with a complete HPP solution – from testing and validation through product design solutions and HPP implementation.
APC’s Sacramento, Calif. location opened in Fall 2012 and is operating, providing customers on the West Coast access to HPP technology. APC plans to strategically expand across the U.S. based on customer needs.

APC is SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified at our Milwaukee location and working toward certification at our Sacramento facility by the end of 2015.

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The Juice-Bar Brawl

Half a decade ago, most people who were found guzzling and gushing about juice — not grocery store O.J., but the dense, cold-pressed stuff that is made by pulverizing mounds of ingredients like kale, beets, ginger, spinach and kohlrabi — were either zealots from the raw-food fringe or Hollywood celebrities who believed that a “juice cleanse” would nudge their toned bodies even closer to radiant perfection. But along the way, more people started drinking it. And for consumers and entrepreneurs, a realization took hold: juice did not have to be part of a challenging, expensive cleanse. It could simply be lunch. Suddenly, cold-pressed juice morphed from a curiosity to an industry.

Spend a little time chatting with the rising juice lords of New York and Los Angeles, and you will hear terms like HPP, live enzymes and detoxing. You’ll also hear variations on these themes:

no one else’s juice is as fresh as ours, or as organic, or soulful, or healthful. But mashing up produce at home tends to leave a sloppy mess in the kitchen, so marketplace demand led to the birth of small companies that generated gallons of fresh elixir before dawn and delivered it to homes or offices. The owners of Ascending Health Juicery, in Santa Barbara, Calif., are still up at 3 every morning to whip up the day’s nutrient-dense brew. To read more click here.