Product development and testing, and additional assembly and packaging lines make APC the nation’s only complete HPP resource. APC has the experience and expertise to get customers from the product idea phase through packaging development and testing, food safety and regulatory compliance, through to commercialization.
While APC does not offer pre-HPP packaging services (such as slicing meat, packaging original product, etc.) APC has many co-packing, packaging and logistic partners acrProduct Assemblyoss the country to provide food manufacturers a variety of options to meet many of their packing, packaging, shipping and storage needs.

Product Solutions:

        • Product development, packaging, regulatory and supply chain consulting
        • Integrated HACCP programs for USDA regulated customers
        • Export certification and documentation
        • Post-HPP assembly and pack-off functionality (including sleeving, lidding, bar coding, labeling, overwraping and palletizing)
        • Freight expediting and logistical solutions
        • Metal detection application
        • Order picking
        • Arranging cold storage
        • Co-packing solutions


        • Shrink sleeving for bottles, cups and containers
        • Label application
        • Bar code application
        • Overwrapping
        • Package inspection
        • Box erecting
        • Re-boxing
        • Banding
        • Tubing & lidding for cups and containers
        • Bagging, cartoning & palletizing
        • Ink jet
        • Rapid thawing for beverage products
        • Tamper band application
        • Shrink wrap application       

We are always looking to expand our offerings to our valued customers. Please let us know if, in addition to HPP service, there are assembly and post-HPP services we may be able to provide not included on this list.